Lahore - The National Transmission Dispatch Company is not following merit to issue dispatch orders to the Independent Power Producers (IPPs) for power generation, as the companies, producing expansive electricity, are getting more orders of power generation from the government, grossly in violation of National Power Policy.

Official sources said that the current dispatch instructions are clearly against the rules of the National Power Policy 2013 which is aimed at generation of inexpensive and affordable electricity for domestic, commercial as well as industrial use.

They explained that the plants having higher production cost are getting higher dispatch instructions compared to the IPPs having lower production cost in violation of economic order which says that the plants with lower production cost should be utilized first up to their maximum capacity.

The statement of generation versus economic order for the month of July shows that Kot Adu block-1 with dependable capacity of 325 MW was able to utilize 97% of its capacity as per the despatch instructions by NTDC, despite having economic order rank of 31.

Liberty Power with dependable capacity of 196 MW was asked to utilize its 81 percent capacity despite that its economic order rank is 42. KEL (economic order rank 43) dependable capacity of 124 MW was utilised 77% verses other plant having economic order lower than KEL and at 41 but were utilised 57%.

On the contrary, the sources added, Uch with dependable capacity of 551 MWs ranks number 5th in capacity utilisation despite economic order rank of 1.

Moreover, Liberty with dependable capacity of 212 MW and economic order rank of 2 has been given lower priority with only 84% capacity utilization. Fauji Kabirwala with dependable capacity of 151 MW is another victim of favoritism by NTDC as it has been downgraded despite its economic order rank of 8, while only 83% of capacity is being utilized.

Similarly, the Uch-2 power plant with dependable capacity of 388MW has been ranked 4th in economic order but it is placed at number 11 in the priority list and being utilized to only 79% of its capacity factor. GTPS FSD 5-9 with dependable capacity 117MW has been ranked 8th in economic order but only 9% of its capacity is being utilized.

Genco Guddu CC 5-10 with dependable capacity of 530MW, has been placed among the last few in the priority list despite having economic order rank of 14,’ they said, adding that only 2 percent capacity of the plant is being utilized.

The current dispatch instructions are clearly against the goal of the National Power Policy 2013 which is to ensure the generation of inexpensive electricity.

The NTDC should do away with its favoritism policies and implement the National Power Policy 2013 in letter and spirit to not only reduce the cost of electricity but to minimize load-shedding as well providing relief to the masses, power producers said.