NEW YORK: Finance minister Mohammad Ishaq Dar met Fred P. Hochberg, chairman Exim Bank .

Finance Minister Dar briefed Chairman Hochberg on the positive outlook of Pakistan’s economy, which he said has been on a consistent positive trajectory since the current government introduced vital economic reforms two years ago and GDP growth was recorded at 4.24% while the government has managed to bring down fiscal deficit to 5.3% from a high of 8.8%, says a press release.

Dar further said it was due to the better economic policies of the government that Rating Agencies including Standard and Poor and Moody’s have raised Pakistan’s economic outlook from negative to positive. It is recognition of Pakistan’s robust economic performance and that foreign exchange reserves are at record high and currently exceed US $18.5 billion.

Chairman Hochberg appreciated Pakistan’s positive economic performance over the past two years. He said that Exim Bank is looking forward to working with Pakistan on projects of mutual benefit to both countries, in continuation of an established age-old relationship. He also said that if GE approaches Exim Bank for financing the 3600 MW LNG project, the Bank would consider providing the financing options. Both sides re-affirmed their resolve to keep up the spirit of close cooperation.