LAHORE - An anti-terrorism court yesterday dismissed bail application of Mustafa Kanju, son of a former state minister Siddique Kanju, accused of murdering Zain in Cavalry area.

On Sept 23, the court had reserved the verdict after it had heard the arguments of both sides in bail application.

Kanju’s counsel contended that the complainant and two prosecution witnesses did not identify his client as a suspect. He argued the case was registered on political grounds as prosecution had no direct evidence against his client. He prayed the court to release him on bail.

The prosecution had opposed the bail petition of the accused and said that the complainant first got registered an FIR and then turned hostile in the court. The prosecutor also produced the statement of the complainant recorded by media in the court.

He also told the judge that the complainant was accusing Kanju of murdering Zain and injuring Hussain from the first day and suddenly de-tracked from his earlier statement. He might have received gratification from the accused party, the prosecutor alleged.

The trial court charged frames against Mustafa Kanju and six others on the charges of killing 16-year old orphan boy Zain and 18-year old Hussain in Cavalry ground.

Bail rejected: The Lahore High Court yesterday rejected bail petition of a man allegedly involved in burning two teenage girls, their mother and grand-mother of Ahmadi community alive and provoking a mob of 400 people to attach their home in Gujranwala.

Tariq Sindhu, the petitioner, had filed the petition and submitted that he was not involved in the crime he had been implicated. He did not provoke people to attack the home of said family. The petitioner requested the court to releae him on bail.

However, a prosecutor told the court that the petitioner along with mob of 400 to 500 persons attacked the house of Boota in Peoples Colony and set it on fire. As a result, his two minor daughters Hira Tabassum(5), Anam Tabassum(3), his wife and mother were burned to death.

The prosecutor also told the court that Joint investigation team also found him guilty of playing active role leading to happing of the awful incident. He said he committed the heinous offence in the garb of religious dispute. The prosecutor submitted that Supreme Court had already rejected bail petition of petitioner’s co-accused while police had submitted challan of the case in the trial court.

After hearing bother sides, a two-judge bench headed by Justice Abdus Sami Khan dismissed the bail petition.

Reply soughT: The Lahore High Court yesterday sought reply from District Coordination officer (DCO) Nankana Sahib in a petition challenging detention of senior vice president PML-N youth wing Nankana on the charge of being a member of a banned outfit.

Maqsood, the petitioner, through his counsel pointed out that his brother Mawiya is senior vice president of PML-N Youth Wing from district Nankana Sahib and had no connection with any banned organization.

Nankana Sahib DCO had declared him active member of a banned organization Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and issued his detention order. The petitioner stated that the arrest and detentin of his brother on the said charges would destroy his political career. He prayed the court to set aside detention order against his brother and release his brother.

After hearing initial arguments, a division bench comprising Justice Syed Mazahar Ali Akbar Naqvi issued notice to DCO and sought reply by October 5.