Hammad Hussain


In the absence of proper law to govern the rights of people with disabilities, the mentally-retarded persons are victimised by not only the society but also by their loved ones.

Mentally ill persons are neglected segment of our society while the government is paying no attention to the rights of these citizens.

In Jahanian, the police registered a case 332/15 Under Section 376 against accused Allah Ditta, who allegedly raped a mentally retarded girl in Chak 195/10-R. In 91/10-R, a suburban town of Khanewal, Rashid murdered his mentally ill brother Allah Ditta. Police registered a case and arrested Rashid. According to Rashid and his mother, he murdered him in self defence.

In another incident took place in 9/8-R, police recovered 40 years old Muhammad Arif, who was chained by his family members. According to his wife, “We have used all their resources for his treatment but in vain .Now, we try to keep him at home so that he may not be harmful to the society.”

However, the Mental Health Ordinance was to make better provision for the care, treatment, management of properties and to encourage community care of mentally disordered persons. But the mentally ill persons are often seen wandering in the busy markets of the city and chained in the houses. They usually survive on alms and help in the form of food and clothes. The ordinance only provides that mentally retarded persons found in the public place must be removed to a government-run health or psychiatric facility for treatment.

When contacted, the Khanewal EDO health said that at the district level, the administration did not have facilities to handle the issue.