LAHORE: The spokesman for Punjab government, Zaeem Qadri , has said that PML-N will not flee from the political field adding that his party respects the court’s decision and PTI should also learn to respect  institutions.

While reacting to the statement of Jahangir Tareen, the PML-N Punjab spokesman, Zaeem Qadri , said that PTI’s politics are all about recrimination, and the coming time would tell who the people stand with.

He further said that his party had decided to compete PTI in the political filed and still stands by it. However he said his party respects the Supreme Court’s decision.

“PTI politics are a sheer blame game,” he said.

He said Siddique Baloch had resorted to the Supreme Court against his disqualification for life.

“It is his basic right. The election tribunal had declared him disqualified for life. We have approached court for the sake of the truth.”