LAHORE: Lahore police searched 26,000 houses, commercial plazas, and residential flats during the last week, a police spokesman said Monday.

As part of the national action plan, Lahore police are conducting search and security sweep in different parts of the provincial metropolis to hunt down suspected elements. The police also set up special pickets in different parts of Lahore and checked more than 19000 vehicles including motorcycles.

At least 165 vehicles and 791 motorcycles were impounded by the police after they were found with suspicious number plates, and tempered engine or chassis numbers.–Staff Reporter

Police also impounded dozens of other suspected vehicles after their drivers failed to produce the registration books. The police also registered at least 14 cases against the violators of loudspeaker act, and the Punjab temporary residence ordinance 2015. Police arrested 18 such violators. The police during the security sweep arrested 109 proclaimed offenders and court absconders from different parts of the metropolis.

Meanwhile, Lahore police conducted search and security sweeps at guesthouses, hotels, inns, bus stands, and truck stations and arrested 87 suspected persons. At least 63 of them were released by the police after initial investigations while the police have arrested 25 persons who failed to provide ID papers to policemen. At least 54 were also arrested for illegally possessing prohibited or automatic weapons during the security sweep.

Police also seized at least 17 rifles, 32 pistols, and more than 1100 bullets and cartridges from their possession.