NIaz Chohan


The World Bank has declared that the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Wazirabad is the best of almost 1,000 hospitals in 34 districts of Punjab province over its proper waste management and sanitation system.

Various teams sponsored by World Bank visited almost 1,000 hospitals and health centres in 34 districts of Punjab and examined their waste management plans, cleanliness and sanitation system.

After a thorough study, the World Bank declared THQ Hospital Wazirabad the best among all the hospitals visited. Cleanliness and waste management plan of the Wazirabad hospital ensure germs free atmosphere for the patients and their attendants in hospital is ensured. After various reports, the World Bank issued a special letter declaring THQ Hospital the best in Punjab.

The Punjab government has also declared the THQ Hospital an ideal hospital and issued a directive to the directors health, EDOs (health), DOs and medical Superintendents of 10 specified districts including Mandi Bahaudding, Jhelum, Chakwal, Rawalpindi, Norowal, Sheikhupura, Lahore, Okara, Sahiwal and Jhang to visit the Wazirabad hospital. Observing the directive of Punjab government, a team comprising 26 doctors headed by CM Roadmap In charge Dr Anam Tariq, Dr Manahil and Dr Inayat Cheema visited the hospital.

The 26-member team consisting of various officials visited THQ Hospital and got briefing related to its Waste Management Plan and cleanliness. The visiting team was briefed by Medical Superintendent Dr Altaf Chaudhry and Pathologist Dr Shahid Sheikh.

Earlier, Dr Anam Tariq and Dr Gulnaz Baig delivered a lecture on the occasion. During briefing, the members of the team were told about the waste management plan and cleanliness. They were also told how germs free atmosphere is provided for the patients and their attendants.

Later, the team members visited various wards of the hospital. Major portion of the THQ Hospital has been demolished and a new buildings and trauma centre are under construction.