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Kashmir will be for you, Mr. Modi, what Russia was for Adolf Hitler

Kashmir will be for you, Mr. Modi, what Russia was for Adolf Hitler

History has not forgotten people like you who dreamt of building a nation out of a turmoil, all the while nullifying humanity and encouraging savagery. And it will remember you as an imperialist till the end of time.

2016-09-29T22:58:40+05:00 Khadija Khan

What if I say you are inculcating hatred into the minds of your people, in order to suffocate their hopes for being the biggest economy of South Asia? What if I say, that your foemen are less assailable than your weakened position? What if I say, that because of your lack of understanding of the regional powers and their goals, your own insidious words are wreaking havoc in the lives of your countrymen? What if I say, that you think that you are impregnable, but are, instead, highly prone to taking short-term and pernicious decisions which are giving your whole nation a bad name? What if I say, that you are your own worst enemy, Mr. Modi? That will certainly be not an exaggeration, but my words would cement your place in the history merely as a bad lesson for upcoming generations.

The situation you are in, the words you speak, the shallow promises you ever try to live up to, and the expressions that appear on your face give you a distant look while standing on the dais. In the near future, you will see, that my words will be proven true by your actions and substantiate the destruction and curse that you are bringing down upon your own country, by spreading the hatred which you once demonstrated in the Gujarat riots.

Yet again, the level of your evilness is unprecedented; the kind that the India was not known for till Modi Sarkar emerged out of the ashes of the Gujarat massacre and through the promises of maniacs like him.

History has not forgotten people like you who dreamt of building a nation out of a turmoil, all the while nullifying humanity and encouraging savagery. And it will remember you as an imperialist till the end of time.

The recent announcement of not attending the SAARC summit, is not successful in regaining the image of a peace loving country that India has lost over the years. In the wake of the recent blunders committed by the Modi Government, India is being derailed from the path of progress and mutual regional cooperation, whereby it is further losing its strength as a growing economy and becoming more isolated day by day.

The boast about Chabahar Port’s intention was to dominate the region by bypassing Pakistan and countering China’s growing influence in the Indian Ocean region.

Well, Mr. Modi, your allies have to imperil their international repute and relations with other nations, in order to get along with you in this journey of barbarian acts and uncouth behavior which is being witnessed in Kashmir by the global community. So, the dream of becoming an economic giant will remain a dream for you, let alone gaining dominance in the region.

With all due condolences Mr. Modi, when you paid lip service to the violence committed against Dalits by the so-called Gau-rakshak, when you downplayed the atrocities committed against the Muslims throughout India, and when you ignored the growing polarization in your country, it, all together, paints the picture of the downfall of a nation that once claimed to be secular, and the biggest democracy in the world.

Your desperate attempt at bringing disrepute to Pakistan by blaming it for the Uri attack, succeeded in creating an illusion, and nothing else. Defiantly, you tried to make this incident out to be similar to the Mumbai attacks. Under the leadership of the Congress, the whole Indian nation played the role of a victim and somehow succeeded in gaining sympathies around the world. But after what you did in Kashmir, by depriving Kashmiris of their basic human rights, and denying them the right to choose their own destiny, the world is no more on your side. Now, you are seen as the oppressor and your cunning policies can never gloss over your inhuman treatment of the Kashmiris.

For now, you have got your answer for your shabby plans by your own strategic partners to put an end to this irrational game which is meant to be contrived for your selfish gains. Your closest friends are keeping you at an arm’s length on this issue. The main purpose of this so-called “Indian diplomacy”, was to isolate Pakistan. And since you never dreamt of going unaccompanied and unbacked by your own “best friends”, you refused to participate in the UNO General Assembly and hesitate in attending the SAARC summit. The reality is bitter for you, but it is fair enough that your closest friends are avoiding you because no sane nation would want to have innocent Kashmiris’ blood on their hands. Yes, the international community has all the right to get upset over barbaric practices such as indiscriminate firing on civilian protestors with live bullets that has left scores dead and thousands injured.

As for the reality: oppression, abduction, killing, and shooting, are not new to this world. But this particular incident in Kashmir took, and is still taking, the world by storm – that a state is causing anarchy and making life hell for the people whom it assumes to be its own citizens. That a state is justifying its actions of shooting children, women, the old and young, alike, in their faces, killing them ruthlessly, or disabling them for the rest of their lives. Undoubtedly, there is no other example in the modern history which can match your vicious crime against humanity.

And, if you are still desperately trying to take the assumption home that Pakistan has done all of this deliberately in order to destroy the ‘peaceful progress’ of your country, then take it as a check and mate. Because your foemen were clever and knew where it will hurt you the most and made you react according to their own wishes by letting you shoot your own feet.

Being a green-eyed monster, you tried to damage the Pak-China economic collaboration in Baluchistan without reconsidering for a second that diplomatic wars cannot be fought and won by becoming a hurdle in the paths’ of your wise enemies, but with dialogue and every possible peaceful means. Take the threat of backing out on the Indus Water Treaty, fueling insurgency in Baluchistan, killing innocent Kashmiris – every step of yours is deluding your entire Nation with vein hopes of transcendence.

Mr. Modi, you are to the world just a reminder and a justification for why the biggest minority of India (Muslims) chose to create a separate country for themselves. You are also a curse that fell upon all the Indians and our ancestors who ever dreamt of a great united India, where all could live in harmony, reflecting the mystic spirit of the motherland.

You are preying upon the complexes of poor Indians like someone who has deep-seated hatred for a community because of its over a thousand years old colonial history.

Your jingoism would be registered as a historical blunder – like the one Hitler committed by invading Russia. It would only suck the positive energy out of your nation. You think you are a hound but let me tell you there are bigger hounds presents in the market ready to break your teeth.

In this game of superiority, Pakistan serves as more of a diversion than a threat to the existence of India. Let me tell you one thing, you would never be able to lead India to the glory that you have boasted about, because a dead tree gives no shelter, the cricket, no relief.

The soulless man is giving Bharat Maata a bad image – that of slaying innocents in the name of nationalism, which bears no fruit for the Indians who once considered Modi as the impersonation of Akhand Bharat.

Yes, Akhand Bharat, which is the dream of every Indian but is being disposed of by the Modi government. Recent Indian foreign policies stoop to a new low, whereby they try to blame Pakistan for the atrocities in Kashmir and restlessness in the region. Rather unexpectedly, Modi Sarkar received a severe backlash after deciding to abandon the lap of its fifty-year-old friend, appearing to be a treacherous wretch of a state in the eyes of the world.

Lately, the Indian interior minister, Rajnath Singh, received no promise of hospitality from the Russian government, when he planned to visit Russia – a plan that was turned down heedlessly. Now, unsurprisingly, Modi and his likes are trying to fool the Indian population with their shallow talk, day in day out.

The heat of the burning hostility against you is pulling you down a notch or two but, for now, in vain. The world has seen your true colors and is not willing to buy into your baseless arguments which are meant to deceive the international community by perusing your own self-promoting agendas.


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