LAHORE -  The Lahore High Court on Thursday barred the federal government from deporting Turkish citizens till the next hearing on a petition filed against alleged abduction of Turkish citizens.

Justice Shams Mahmood Mirza heard the petition and issued notices to the federal government to submit reply. The judge directed the government to ensure that those abducted and detained should not be deported to Turkey till the next hearing.

Orhan Uygun, a colleague of Mesut Kacmaz, who along with his family went missing on Tuesday, filed the petition, challenging the possible deportation of Turkish citizens.

Asma Jahangir appeared in the court on behalf of the petitioner and submitted that the government, through the attorney general, had undertaken before the court last year that Turkish employees of the Pak-Turk School would not be deported till Nov 24, 2017.

She said that unidentified persons abducted Kacmaz and his family from their house and it was likely that they would be deported to Turkey in violation of the court orders. The petitioner, she said, approached the police station for registration of an FIR against the abductors but the police were reluctant to take action. The lawyer prayed to the court to stop the Interior Ministry from deporting the Turkish family.

After hearing both sides, Justice Mirza directed the federal government to submit reply, and adjourned the hearing until Oct 6.

After court proceedings, Asma Jahangir told reporters that abduction and deportation of Turkish citizens was violation of the court orders and officials of the Interior Ministry involved in this act had taken law into their hands. Police did not listen to Pak-Turk School teachers and students and did not lodge FIR of the incident, she said.

A Turkish teacher told the media that they sought asylum in Pakistan under the UNHCR and they served Pakistan for more than 22 years and had never been involved in any illegal activity.

 He said that Turkish teachers had serious concerns about the safety of their colleague and his family and wanted the government authorities to ensure their safe recovery and take action against the perpetrators of this act.