Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Malik Tahir Javed on Friday invited businessmen from Indonesia to collaborate with their Pakistani counterparts in auto parts, agriculture and various other sectors of economy.

While talking to Indonesian Ambassador Iwan Suyudhie Amri, the LCCI president said that partnership between the businessmen of the two countries would help explore trade and investment opportunities.

He said that the bilateral trade figures fairly indicate the economic relations between the two countries. However, the gap of trade needs to be shortened by way of allowing Pakistan to export more items to Indonesia.

Javed said that there is also a lot of scope for Indonesia to make investment in Pakistan. Indonesia has a fairly advanced petro-chemical, rubber, plywood, telecommunication and tourism industry. He said that Indonesia can make direct investment in these industries and can also enter into joint ventures with Pakistani counterparts.

The LCCI president said that potential areas should be studied and monitored by the commercial sections of diplomatic missions for promoting trade and investment between the two countries. And this is possible through active engagement of the chambers of the two countries, frequent exchange of economic and trade delegations to identify the areas of mutual interest and arranging single country exhibitions in each other’s country.

He said that the LCCI really appreciates the Indonesian Embassy for maintaining excellent working relations which also contribute in enhancing trade ties between two countries.