LAHORE -  The assembly of Metropolitan Corporation Thursday presented the picture of a fish market  with members from both sides of the political divide chanting slogans against each other.

Terming the criticism of opposition uncalled for, Lord Mayor Col (r) Mubashir Javed counted achievements of the local governments. He said that those talking about local government system of a dictator were Pakistani but not loyal to country. These supporters of a dictator, he said, were creating hurdles in development of the country. He said that a system was in place and it would take some time to prove its utility for the masses.

MCL session started 25 minutes behind schedule with convener Mian Tariq in the chair.

Addressing the Council meeting, Mubashir Javed said that the new system was result of legislation carried out in the Punjab Assembly. He said that not only the ruling party but also the opposition forces were part of that legislation process. It seemed, he said, the Opposition members have not read the Act. He said that no one had the right to challenge the authority of provincial legislator.

Counting achievements of MCL, he said that revival of international cricket, markets for sacrificial animals and Ramazan Bazars were amongst contributions of the current system.

Ruling party members gathered around podium to support the Lord Mayor praising the party leadership for services for the country and the masses. They give befitting response to the vocal opposition by chanting slogans of ‘Sher Aya, Sher Aya’.

Amid sloganeering from both the sides of the political divide, the chair adjourned the meeting.

Earlier, members presented 15 resolutions regarding the issues relating to their respective constituencies. The house prayed for recovery of Begum Kalsoom Nawaz .