KAMALIA: Once a recreational place, the family park at Mohallah Charh has been turned into a waste dump due to negligence of the authorities concerned.

According to the report of a survey conducted by The Nation, it was beautiful family park where people came to play and enjoy. But for the last few years, people had been using it as a dumping ground for garbage and other wastes. Moreover, the Tehsil Municipal Committee (TMC) had also been using the park as a landfill since long.

During the survey, residents of the area told The Nation that the park had lost its beauty. They said that accumulated rainwater and wastes had destroyed its land. They complained that the odour emitting from the place was unbearable. People said the wastes had also given rise mosquitoes and threatened outbreak of malaria, dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases.

Residents held local councillor responsible for the situation, saying he had failed to rehabilitate the park. They demanded early rehabilitation of the park. They warned to stage protests otherwise.–Staff Reporter