Pakistan needs more developments which is possible in one way, that's the most important problems of Pakistan should be solved. After many researches, I came to known the problems of stopping Pakistan for being a developed country like others. Firstly corruption has blocked the way totally, and due to it Pakistan is suffering from poverty, which has did economy level too low and because of being a poor country a big problem occurred that is industries, due to lack of industries, people of all provinces have suffered a lot, industrial problem solution can decrease our economic problems and most poverty, if poor get jobs then there will be no any compelling of people to go in foreign countries, because of Pakistanis there economic level has been too high. 

However, religious intolerance producing terrorism in Pakistan, because of fighting between two religion, terrorists take birth, which will be the case of self blasting, and it has improved murdering system high especially in Quetta side, where youths of Pakistan have murdered. In Karachi, Lyari is known as the place of gangsters, lots of simplicity people are dying everyday because of gangsters. 

Besides this, a big issue that's low number of jobs. It is compulsory to provide jobs to every educated Pakistanis, because of not doing any attentions on engineering students, who have done their engineering courses since long ago, engineers can develop Pakistan's economy level high by making new inventions, the best inventions will bring a bright respect of Pakistan on foreigners heart and can make them compel to have a visit in Pakistan, by having a visit of other countries people in Pakistan a small economic level can increase. 

Please solve these all problems which the stoppers of Pakistan towards have a nice respect in front of the world. 


Kech, September 6.