The Sindh Police and Federal Investigative Agency (FIA) have kicked-off investigations after as many as Rs2 billion were found deposited in a vendor’s bank account .

Abdul Qadir, the resident of Orangi Town's Sector 8L, maintained no knowledge of the account and the funds in it. A police contingent has been deployed at his residence after the said disclosure.

The vendor said that he came to know about the funds through a summon letter from the FIA, adding that he had opened a bank account a few years ago to buy a house in the Sarjani Town of the metropolis.

Police maintain that the case appears to be similar to the ongoing money laundering case being heard by the Supreme Court of Pakistan involving Pakistan People's Party Co-Chairperson Asif Ali Zardari and his sister Faryal Talpur.

Previously, in a separate case, FIA found Rs8 billion in the bank account of a Karachi man. The citizen has expressed a lack of knowledge about the huge sum.

According to sources, the citizen, Adnan Javed, had deposited Rs5,000 to open three accounts under the title of a company, Lucky International, two years ago. But he never checked his account balance.