Shining India" is "dark India" in Kashmir – the highest militarised zone in the world – given the impunity with which Indian forces kill people. No wonder then that the excesses of military and its abuse of human rights are also high. However, neither the militarisation of the region nor India’s nuclear weapons can terrorise the Kashmiris. 

The unjust killings in Kashmir show how occupation works in a region. In the latest round of killings, Indian forces have killed at least six people across the region. Despite the imposition of curfew in the area, people have shown disapproval to government orders by pouring out to streets against the extrajudicial killing of a man by soldiers.

Extrajudicial killings, torture, illegal detention, rape and other abuses of human rights define the Indian rule in the valley. All these actions are nothing but the definition of the word “terrorism”. And if the locals try to respond with force, India cries foul against Pakistan to divert global attention from its illegal actions in the valley.

After rejecting an agreed upon dialogue, for Pakistan supporting the Kashmiris’ legitimate struggle against Indian occupation, going back on a promise to allow inspectors to visit two dam projects, and increasing anti-Pakistan vitriol, India is using deadly force against Kashmiris to suppress their spirits that want to exercise their inalienable right to self-determination.

The Indian excesses in the region have gone to the extent that even pro-government parties have also decided to join the freedom groups in boycotting the upcoming polls. India’s worst record of human rights in Kashmir, its reliance on force to bring people “in line”, and all other brute tactics to kill people’s desire to seek self-determination show beyond doubt that it is India that has relied on terror and oppression to force its will on innocent and unarmed people.