ISLAMABAD    -   Chairman Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) Dr Qibla Ayaz has said that Afghanistan government has asked for the services of the CII for establishing their own CII in Afghanistan.

He expressed these views while addressing national conference on topic ‘Strengthening democratic principles in Pakistan.’ Dr Qibla Ayaz said that Afghan government was going to establish a CII in Afghanistan. He said due to the absence of democratic values and manners in the society Pakistan was yet to get the fruits of democracy.

He said they knew the real definition of democracy. Parliament, vote and elections were not the names of democracy, he said adding that democracy was the way of governance and existence of democratic attitudes in the society.

Dr Qibla Ayaz said in the early age of Islam there was no existence of Parliament, but over all Islam had always emphasised on democratic attitudes and behaviours.

He elaborated that Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH) used to consult with Sahaba on every issue as consultation was the most important step in resolving the rifts. He said differences of opinion must not be perceived as enmity. He said that difference of opinion was the beauty of democracy. While talking about the importance of religious scholars in the society Dr Qibla Ayaz said that religious scholars had a very important role of spreading awareness among the masses regarding peace in the world.

He lamented that young generation of Pakistan had no knowledge about history due to the absence of proper history in Madaris and schools.

The seminar was also attended by several religious scholars, writers and senior journalists.