ISLAMABAD     -   Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chief Senator Siraj-ul-Haq on Monday submitted a 13-point resolution in Senate demanding rights of the people of Karachi.

The resolution has shown reservations and annoyance over the unending issues of the Karachi city. In its first demand the resolution has asked the government to provide the people of Karachi with very basic rights and has also demanded that 15 percent of the revenue generated in Karachi must be spent on Karachi.

The government should also end the quota system in the city and provide admissions and jobs to the masses on merit base, the resolution said. The government was asked to replace the Local Government Act 2013 with independent LG system.

To facilitate the people from the ground level, the resolution demanded holding of LG elections in Sindh immediately. The resolution further said the government should give Karachi a special staAtus of mega metropolitan city.

The resolution also demanded the government to end influence of a single company in the production and distribution of electricity. It further demanded completion of all three phases of water supply project within one year which was launched in 2007.

The resolution asked the government to work on the sewerage system of the city and timely completion of S-3 project regarding the sewerage system of the country.

The resolution also urged the federal government to take measures for the development of the industrial and business sector in Karachi city. It also called for provision of relief to the business community and to improve the condition of government schools and colleges across the city.

On the issue of transport, the resolution asked the government to improve the situation of roads across the city and to bring reforms in police department.

Regarding judicial system, the resolution called for making the justice system faster in order to provide justice to the people of the city with no delay.

“Holding those involved in 12 May and 19 April incidents should be held accountable,” was also among the demands of the resolution.

The resolution also demanded construction of 1000-bed hospital in every district of Karachi and has return of money or plots held by different housing schemes and societies.