LAKKI MARWAT    -   Saifullah brothers on Monday urged the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to focus on construction of small dams in the backward southern district of the province to boost agriculture and resolve water shortage problems for drinking and irrigation purposes. 

In a joint statement, Salim Saifullah Khan and Anwar Saifullah Khan said the government could arrange sufficient water to transform the barren lands into fertile ones by building small dams. 

They thanked KP Chief Minister Mahmood Khan for sanctioning the Pezu Dam project and said the project would be completed with the cost of Rs.800m.

“The Pezu Dam project will improve the living standard of local residents besides boosting agriculture, livestock, forestry and wildlife sectors in the district,” they maintained.  Underlined the importance of building water reservoirs, they said construction of small and slow action dams in rain fed areas was necessary. 

They said the local population was mainly dependent on agriculture and livestock and construction of dams would prove helpful to alleviate poverty and raise living standard of the people.