The rape cases have become rampant in Pakistan. Lately, the cases like brutal gang rape, child abuse, and killing of transgender people have been reported but our leaders seem to be in deep slumber. No practical action has been taken against the criminals. Despite taking any punitive action against these monsters, the authories and the police officials are giving daunting statements to the media. They are incriminating the harassed woman instead of the culprits. That is sadly an ill-mentality of our society. Now it seems impossible for a woman even to step out of her house. PM Imran Khan had vowed to turn Pakistan into “Riyasat e Madina” but he seems to be pulling back of his promise.

The burgeoning cases are evidence that PTI seems to have failed miserably in bringing Islamic justice in the country. However, the people now have anger against the authorities because of their futile investigation processes. They are demanding to hang those rapists publically to create a deterrent example for other malevolent culprits, which is right. We exhort the authorities and other personnels to punish these rapists no less than public hanging because these people are a nuisance for our country who can dash our prosperity and peace into dire.