KARACHI - PTI Member of Sindh Assembly, Arsalan Taj in a meeting with Federal Minister for Railways,  Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad here on Monday apprised him about massive encroachment on state property in Gulshan e Iqbal area that he feared may affect the efforts to revive circular railway project in Karachi.

He particularly referred to presence of a strong mafia builders who on basis of their contacts and connections have encroached a more than sizable portion of Gillani railway station and other railway property in its surroundings.

Mentioning that this particular circular railway station is an important site extensively used by commuters prior to disbandment of circular railway service in the city, Arsalan Taj said culprits must not be allowed to go scot-free.

“Since PTI government is committed to revive the service for the people of Karachi it is high time that meaningful action is taken against the encroachers, mainly comprising a mafia actively engaged in unauthorized  construction,” said the MPA representing area people .

Arsalan Taj said situation is not only a cause of massive loss to national exchequer but also a threat to public right to essential facilities.

“Ironically many of the citizens are also being fleeced of their hard earned money,” he said. The public representative reiterated that early and efficient  revival of circular railway was extremely crucial for Karachi and this needed to be done on sound grounds.

PTI activist Adeel Ahmed accompanying Arsalan Taj requested the minister to personally look into the issue and take stringent action against the mafia.