We are living in a society where there is no concept of reward and punishment. On daily basis, we see, hear and read cases of heinous crimes such as gang rape and then killing of a female child , collapse of illegally constructed buildings/plazas due to substandard material, killing of innocent persons in fake police encounters, robbers’ killing of innocent persons over resistance, and so on. Unfortunately, the concerned officials of the government machinery fail to take the required action against the accused. However, the concerned government officials wake up from slumber only when a huge cry is raised against these criminal acts in electronic media. Also, our society does not reward and encourage those persons who are doing a good job for the general welfare and prosperity of the common citizens of this country.

How can a society survive in a healthy manner where the perpetrators of a crime remain unpunished and the good job doers remain unrewarded? Only a strong system of both “reward and punishment” can save our society from further deterioration.