The most upsetting news this week came from the PEPCO sources who disclosed in Islamabad on April 14 that power shortfall has risen to 2500 MW. Due to this, PEPCO has extended the period of loadshedding to 10 hours in urban and 15 hours in rural areas. These intense power outages are not only irking common citizens but also adversely affecting the industry. It appears that government is hiding the true story of not generating full available power of the IPP and PEPCO power plants. It is suggested that details may be notified for the general public of (a) Total Demand (b) Total generation from hydro power plants, PEPCO power plants, IPP power plants and rented power plants. (c) Power projects under execution which are anticipated to be added into the national grid in the coming months. It is further suggested that Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani should take serious a notice of the grave and alarming situation of loadshedding and instruct the Water and Power Ministry to complete the short term projects on fast track basis and to start the long term project like Bhasha dam immediately. -ENGR. MUNAWAR HUSSAIN, via e-mail, April 15.