Former prime minister, Shaukat Aziz deserves one credit. He announced his governments 'Look East Policy when he returned from China after attending the summit of World Economic Forum held in Bao. When asked to explain, he argued that our allies in America and Western Europe were not reliable as far as our national defence and economic development are concerned. Coming from a person known to be custodian of American policies, what he said was stunning. But as time passed by, every one in Pakistan understands it better now. America started of by opposing our nuclear programme from the very beginning and forced France to cancel agreement to supply nuclear power plant to Pakistan. Later it imposed economic sanctions and imposed a ban on arms sales to Pakistan. Then the F-16 scandal whereas Pakistan had paid advance money which was refunded in kind and not cash. Another thing that has forced the Pakistani policy-makers to do a bit of rethinking is American President Obamas new-found love for the Indians. During his last visit to New Delhi, he announced a series of concessions to India allowing it to become member of the elite nuclear club and giving it free hand to buy super tech equipment from the open market, a set of favours that every single Pakistani would grudge. Another important fact is that whenever, we were supplied equipment like F-16s, we were dependent on the US for spare parts. That is where China is different from American and other European suppliers. It supplied us with F-17 Thunder aircraft and not only transferred its technology but entered into a joint venture and soon Pakistan would be manufacturing them at Kamra Rebuild Factory. It gave us three Frigates warships and now the fourth is being built at Karachi Shipyard. China is such a reliable partner that its cooperation and assistance, be that in any field, is without strings. We must strengthen our bilateral relations with Beijing because that alone would ensure that our future is linked to a dependable friendly neighbour.