Every Pakistani, irrespective of political and other affiliation, is seriously concerned and worried over the US drone attacks and killing of more and more fellow Pakistanis in the tribal areas. Every other day or so, some Pakistanis are being killed in drone attacks which are being carried out by US apparently on the militants hideouts in the tribal areas. These drone attacks are being carried out in flagrant violation of Pakistans air space, sovereignty and security. Instead of being shot down by the custodians of the countrys air and ground territorial frontiers and sovereignty, merely protests are being lodged with the so-called old ally and friend USA. Only the other day, reports in the newspapers stated that within hours of the ISI Chiefs meeting with the head of the CIA in Washington, a drone attack in South Waziristan area had killed seven suspected militants and four others. Other reports appearing in print the same day reported that Pakistan has lodged protest against US attack by calling American Ambassador Cameron Munter to the Foreign Office and that drone raids will continue while Washington and Islamabad look for middle ground. All these and similar other reports only make mockery of national security and sovereignty and the criminal silence on the part of the rulers as well as the defenders of the air space and the ground borders indeed leave much to be desired. President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, Army Chief General Ashfaq Kayani and others keep condemning the drone attacks, making appeals to the 'common friends to exert pressure on Washington to stop the intrusions into Pakistan through drone attacks and thats all. This is just not comprehensible and understandable no matter how old allies and friends the US and Pakistan may be. Ever since the so-called war on terror was launched in the wake of the 9/11, terrorist attacks in the USA by Washington-led international coalition with Pakistan as a front-line state, people in the tribal areas have been and are been dubbed as the militants and extremists. It is very difficult to understand how could the people living in the tribal areas of the country become militants and extremists almost overnight. Furthermore, the US has got no right to kill Pakistani men, women and children every other day. US led NATO forces are occupying Afghanistan and Washington wants tribal areas of Pakistan cleared of so-called militants and extremists only to explore, exploit and remove billions of dollars worth natural resources quietly without any interruption whatsoever. A few months back, reports had appeared in the international media that Washington has removed natural resources worth three trillion dollars from Afghanistan. Recently, on confronting a senior serving PAF officer this scribe could not help asking whether the US drone attacks do not figure in the PAF high ups minds for taking necessary action and shooting the intruding pilotless predators down? The brief prompt reply was just shocking, surprising and shameful. His reply was that since Pakistan Government has allowed these drone attacks, so we in the PAF are not concerned. Any denial of these brief remarks of an Air Force official, if at all forthcoming, would indeed be quite welcome and appreciated. However, this scribe would like to ask the rulers in Islamabad to stop selling national security and sovereignty for couple of billions of US assistance in one form or the other. MUHAMMAD ZAHID RIFAT, April 25.