BAJAUR -  The health department has postponed thee-day anti-polio campaign in the agency due to incomplete arrangements and unavailability of vaccines.
When contacted, Dr Zakir Hussain, Agency surgeon Bajaur , confirmed the postponement of polio drive in the agency. He said that the polio campaign was not only postponed in Bajaur but also in the entire tribal areas. However, the drive in Bajaur and all over the tribal areas would be launched on May 5, Dr Zakir added. The department with special instructions of Fata directorate of health services has postponed its three-day anti-polio drive starting from April 28 Monday.
Incomplete security arrangements, unavailability of vaccines, shortage of necessary equipments and volunteers could be the reasons for postponement of the campaign.
"The officials of Fata directorate of health services have sent a notification to the offices of local health department in which they had asked us to postpone the anti-polio drive until a later date. I do not know the causes behind the postponement of campaign but we have been instructed by the senior officials not to launch the drive on Monday," an official of health department told.