LAHORE  - Well-known intellectual Mowahid Hussain Syed has said the Muslim countries should make joint efforts for representing at least one Muslim country in the United Nations Security Council with veto rights.
He was addressing the participants of a sitting organised in his honour by Rotary Club, Gulberg Centre at Gymkhana Club on Tuesday.
Addressing on the topic ‘Pakistan and West’, Mowahid Hussain Syed stressed upon the need for joint efforts of Muslim World to install Indonesia in the UN Security Council.
He said Islam had given charter of human rights some 1400 years ago what the West was claiming now. Even, he said, the West had learnt the ethics of warfare from Islam. He said the real problem of Pakistan was poor representation. He lamented on decaying moral character of the society.
Mowahid said there was not democracy in Pakistan but oligarchy which means there was dictatorship of a group. “It is rule and dictatorship of supper rich,” he said.