LAHORE - After Bagh-e-Jinnah of the British era, the second Public Botanical Garden of City has been completed at Jallo Park, Lahore.
 As many as 872 indigenous and imported tropical species of Shrubs, Climbers, Flowers and Fruit Trees are planted to cater the need of researchers and for the interest of general Public .
According to a spokesman of the authority about 80 Acre of land is thematically developed by allocating separate portions for each kind of plants. At least 468 different types of local and imported roses are planted in flower section beside other types of flowers.
The Thai native fruit Trees of mango, Jambolin, guava and lychee, differ in sizes and taste with indigenous fruits, are cultivated on experimental basis. A small plant of tropical region fruit durian, famous for its fragrance and flavor is also growing successfully. These fruit trees will bear fruits in next four to five years.
The sub-continental indigenous tree “Sandal” and Chinese “Ginko biloba” are some imported species of trees beside many other local types planted here.
The Director General PHA Lahore explained that a Botanical Garden plays a key role in both conservation of plants and understanding plants diversity, he further added that second phase of extension includes development of recreational facilities shall be started soon.