ISLAMABAD- Following the recommendations of its sub-committee, National Assembly Standing Committee on Information and Broadcasting has embarked on formulation of code of conduct for media .
Today meeting of the standing committee convened by chairperson Marvi Memon, stunned journalists when they were told to leave the meeting, which even blatantly eschewed any role of PEMRA and information ministry. The committee members excused the exclusion of journalists over the pretext of “the session being in-camera”, while Marvi Memon declared the proceedings as top-secret news, “which would be conveyed to electronic and print media”. Earlier the Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister said that government was taking prudent and effective measures for promoting National heritage and culture through encouragement and recognition of artists. “The artists who are economically suffering are being paid wages by government, and since Provinces have become financially stronger after disbursement of NFC Award , welfare of artists would always be looked after,” she assured.