Islamabad - Houthi rebels, who have terrorised the Yemenis, had also threatened to attack and demolish Al-Haram Mosque, the holiest place in Islam.

Imam-e-Ka’aba Sheikh Khalid Al Ghamidi speaking at a reception in honour of him hosted by Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony and Majlis Saut-ul-Islam said the rebels in Yemen were infusing terror and violence.

He said it was a wrong impression that Saudi Arabia intervened in Yemen instead its operation in Yemen against Houthi rebels was supported by the world and Security Council. They demolished mosques in Yemen, martyred civilians including women and children using advanced weapons given by some powers, he maintained. “They were spreading terrorism and it was necessary to crush their violent movement. The same powers also want to ruin the peace of Saudi Arabia.”  

He said Pakistan and Saudi Arabia had strong relations and those who wanted to strain the relations of both the countries would not succeed. “I warn those elements to return back and refrain from nefarious designs.”

Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Yousaf said there could be no fissures in Pakistan-Saudi Arabia ties, as both countries enjoyed a warm relationship with each other built upon strong foundations. “Pakistan would not back down if bad times fall on Saudi Arabia. The parliament of Pakistan has also given the same message” he maintained.        

While addressing the guests at lunch given in the honour of Imam-e-Kaaba the Minister for Religious Affairs stated that scholars and imams have decided to implement uniform timings of prayer in Islamabad and nearby areas from May 1 whereas the procedure will also be put into practice in the whole country after the capital.

 The Ministry of Religious Affairs had been working on introducing uniform prayer timings in the federal capital for the past few months, the Minister added.

Consensus over the uniform prayer timings was reached in a meeting with Ulema of all sects on April 16. In this regard, religious affairs ministry had prepared a calendar of prayer times for the entire year and has handed it over to a 10-member Salat committee. And, from Friday onward, Azaan and prayer times would be held at the same time across the capital.

Later, the Imam-e-Kaaba led Zuhr prayers. The Imam-e-Kaaba, who arrived on a week-long visit to Pakistan last Thursday, will lead Friday prayers at the Faisal Mosque in the federal capital. It was also announced that President Mamnoon Hussain will also offer Jummah prayer in Faisal mosque.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, Patron-in-chief Pakistan Hindu Council and Member National Assembly, also met with Imam-e-Kaba Sheikh Khalid-al-Ghamidi, here at the office of Ministry of Religious Affairs, Islamabad.

Terming the visit of Imam Kabaa as a great honor for all Pakistanis, Dr. Ramesh emphasized the need to promote interfaith dialogue and in this regard, he offered full cooperation on behalf of Pakistani Hindu community.

Dr Ramesh Vankwani, while talking in the context of current Yemen Issue, said that Saudi Arabia always supported Pakistan whenever there was a crisis on national or international level and now in the need of the hour to send Pakistani forces there to bring both countries closer.

“The Security of Pakistan is interlinked with the Security of Saudi Arabia,” he remarked further mentioning that the Pakistan Hindu Council was among those who openly demanded Government of Pakistan for sending troops to Saudi Arabia for defence purposes.