Islamabad: Imam-e-Kaaba Al Shaikh Khalid Al Ghamidi has said that enemies want to build cracks between the strong relations of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia . This propaganda would not succeed at any cost.

He was addressing a reception organized by Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Muhamad Yousaf and the Chairman of Majlis-e-Solat Islam Mufti Abu Harara Mohidin in his honor.

He said that the enemies of Muslims would never succeed, as long as Muslims remained united. He said that it was a wrong impression that Saudi Arabia interfered in Yemen. Whole world, including the Security Council supported the action of Saudi Arabia in Yemen.

Highlighting the Yemen issue, he said that presently Yemen’s rebels have latest and destructive weapons and added that some specific forces were providing the weapons to them. Shaikh said that presently specific forces want to destroy the peace of Saudi Arabia .

Ghamidi said that it was a wrong impression that Saudi Arabia interfered in Yemen and added that whole world had supported the Saudi Arabia stance against the Yemen issue. Even Security Council has supported the stance of Saudi Arabia against the Yemen, he added.

He said that Pakistan has also supported Saudi Arabia stance in this regard.  He pointed out that Yemen’s rebels (Houthi Groups) were conducting the worst terrorists’ activities in Yemen.

He said that specific forces and groups of people were making a negative propaganda against the issue. While lauding the friendship of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia he said that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia were the brotherly countries. No one can harm the relations of deep-rooted countries.

The imam said the citizens of Saudi Arabia held Pakistan and its citizens in high esteem. He said they were proud of their friendship with the nation and its citizens. Ghamidi said ensuring the security of the two Holy Mosques was the collective responsibility of Muslims.

On the occasion, the Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Muhamamd Yousaf has said that Pakistan has deep-rooted brotherly relations with Saudi Arabia .

He said that people of Pakistan would consider any attack on Saudi Arabia , as an attack on the nation. Pakistanis would rise to secure the Kingdom if anyone had the audacity to cast an evil eye at it.

Along with the Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Muhamad Yousaf, Chairman of Majlis-e-Solat Islam, Chairman National Assembly Cabinet Committee for religious affairs hafiz Abdul Kareem, Dr. Abada, Mufti Jameel Rehman and others also addressed on the occasion.