LAHORE - Lahore High Court Justice Ayesha A Malik has allowed Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf-Punjab (PTI) to become party in the petitions against formation and proceedings of judicial commission (JC) to probe the alleged rigging in 2013 general election.

In previous hearing, the court had sought arguments from all parties on the application of PTI whether it should be included in the case as party.

PTI Punjab president Ejaz Chaudhry had filed the application, saying the proceedings of the JC could not be challenged after its formation. The petitioner’s counsel said assailing the formation of the commission by a citizen was unlawful, pleading the court to dismiss all the petitions against the JC for being non-maintainable.

He argued that all political parties were appearing before the commission and submitting their point of view on the rigging allegations and the PTI should also be made a necessary party in the case.

AK Dogar advocate and others had filed the petitions challenging the legality of the judicial commission, saying the formation of the commission was in violation of the constitution. They stated that the impugned ordinance was not only in violation of Article 225 of the Constitution but was also result of use of force.

He submitted that in light of the Supreme Court judgments, the election matters could only be raised in election tribunals for which the election commission was the only judge.