ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) secretary Group Captain Amir Nawaz sets new and unique example of depriving Asian senior individual squash champion Aamair Atlas Khan of defending his title in the 18th Asian Senior Individual Squash Championship, as four-member Pakistan team left for Kuwait on late Wednesday night to participate in the mega event starting from May 1 in Kuwait.

It was never heard or witnessed before that a title-holder was not allowed to represent the country. In the last few months, Pakistan has already lost Asian junior team squash championship, Asian Games team championship and now it looks all set, Pakistan will most likely be deprived of Asian senior individual title as well. Only Nasir Iqbal has some chances to do well in the event where Asia's top players will be ready to give tough challenge to their opponents. All the top players have long been concentrating on lifting the prestigious title, while Pakistanis will struggle to make any kind of impact as tough draw will be a great hinder.

Aamir Atlas and Farhan Mehboob deserve to represent the country as they have far better track record when it comes to international arena. , Nasir although has won back-to-back $15,000 titles in Karachi and Lahore, but it was all due to favorable refereeing and draws. The situation will be completely different in Kuwait, where Asia's best referees will be conducting the matches.

Aamir Atlas and Farhan have time and again requested PSF president Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman to provide justice, but all their requests fell on deaf ears as secretary Amir Nawaz instead of using commonsense and, putting the country's prestige ahead of his personal ego, denied genuine contenders a chance to stand any realistic chance of taking the title back home.  Why no action was taken against Amir, who from the very first day imposed his self-styled policies. Instead of providing facilities to all the players equally, he just showers all the blessings on one certain individual Naisr, who is a big flop when it comes to the PSA events, as he hardly moved beyond qualifying or first rounds in the last events and failed to move beyond qualifying round in UK, where he participated last.

The PSF removed head coach Jamshed Gul in November last year, since then, the PSF does not have any proper coach nor any camp was witnessed. Instead of working on solid plans, the federation invited Faheem Gul to train boys in patches, now Faheem claims all the recent success of Nasir Iqbal at Pakistan-level PSA events is because of his superb coaching, while Naisr gave credit of recent success to his elder brother Tahir Iqbal. Qamar Zaman is hired to travel with the team as manager/coach. He will join the team after today (Thursday)'s PSF annual general meeting, while Faheem will also be leaving for Kuwait on ASF coaching assignment, while the most interesting thing to note is Tahir Iqbal is also accompanying the squad. The PSF claims Tahir is bearing his expenses, it means national color is up for sale and anybody, who can afford ticket and other expenditures, can travel with the national team.

Balochistan Squash Association (BSA) is doing nothing since long while Sindh Squash Association (SSA) is divided into two factions. M Amir Khan claims he is the legal body backed by Sindh Olympic Association (SOA), while PSF secretary backs Tahir Khanzada-led body just because of personal liking and disliking. Amir is not invited for the AGM which is going to be held today (Thursday), and he has launched a written complaint in this regard at the highest level.

Ever since Amir Nawaz has taken over the helm of affairs, things are going from bad to worst with each passing day. Players always complain about his arrogant behavior, as he never bothers to pick their calls or even reply. Journalists have also similar kinds of complaint against him. After retirement, PSF senior vice president Air Vice Marshal (R) Syed Razi Nawab hardly bothers to visit the federation, the president is a symbolic post, while the secretary is free to dictate terms and run the federation as per his liking. A number of complaints were registered against him but to no avail. He is continuing to destroy squash and careers of some of high-profile players deliberately just for his personal satisfaction.  When this scribe contacted PSF secretary to ask if the federation had the choice of sending four players then why not Aamir Atlas and Farhan Mehboob were considered, Amir replied: “They failed to turn up for trials.”  It is quite unfortunate that Asian senior squash champion Aamir Atlas and Pakistan No 1 squash player Farhan Mehboob were not given exemption from trials. With such behavior with the top players, how can it be expected that Pakistan can regain its lost squash glory.