Rawalpindi - Haider Ali becomes head boy and Aleena Sajjad becomes head girl after defeating their respective opponents in elections held at Toddlers Shine High School on Wednesday. Usman becomes deputy head boy after defeating Ali Raza with a margin of 53 votes. Usman secured 273 votes while Ali Raza could only bag 220 votes. Haider Ali defeated Ali Safeer for head boy slot by securing 300 votes, while Ali Safeer could get 197 votes. A tough contest was witnessed for head girl slot, as Aleena Sajjad defeated Zainab by just 3 votes. Aleena secured 246 votes.  Around 500 kids of all levels participated in the elections, which were conducted in a highly colourful and befitting manner.

    Drummers were brought, and entire school was decorated with balloons and posters of candidates. It was festivity all around, as kids were thoroughly enjoying the unique experience of casting votes. The kids were dancing on drum beats and chanting slogans in favour of their favourite candidates. Polling started at 8:30am and continued till 11:30am.  Principal Nasreen Hameed announced results at the school playground where jubilant students gathered in a large number. Celebrations broke out among victorious students and their supporters, who distributed sweets and candies. While sharing her views, Nasreen Hameed highlighted the importance of involving students in extracurricular activities.

    “The main aim of conducting elections was to create awareness among students about the importance of elections. I am very glad and congratulate students for going through the entire process in high spirits. There is no winner or loser, it was all about creating awareness, in which we have succeeded,” Nasreen concluded.