Humanity turns to shreds. The shock is severe, the reverberations long lasting.... They would be echoing for long, reminding us of the gravity of depravity, and that of criminal negligence. Again... the blame! Is God to blame, who let that happen to innocent lives without lifting a finger? The children... who can do this to children? asks everyone. Who can be heartless enough to do this to children? Maybe we have the answer....

Those, whose own children have been killed by bombs and bullets in the other end of the same province, and across the border... they can do it. Army Public School’s children were the children of the army, i.e., their enemy. Many were shot, while trying to escape. Having achieved their target with sixteen bombs, why did they have to shoot? Immense hatred, vengeance. They were the children of those soldiers who killed their children; the soldiers who are an accomplice in the drone attacks that killed their family.

The glimpses of bereaved parents of the children killed in the APS attack slice your heart. But, you see, the Waziristan families were never even shown… those who have half-dead, and half-handicapped members; where children scream in their dreams of fear of an attack.

There is no use drifting to the cause and effect of this phenomenon: the wrong decisions and the forthcoming penalties have been discussed to death. I will not defend the people of Waziristan people anymore. I have not seen them suffer like I saw Peshawar that day.... The real Taliban, the fake Taliban? Who are we to decide! But we sure don't want to see any more of this bloodshed.

The terrorists always proved their mettle. They have held so many institutions hostage: Naval Base Karachi, Navy War College, Lahore, Police Academy, Lahore... the Sri Lanka team episode, and this, the worst of them all! All of them were difficult targets, but they were achieved, leaving us to discuss forensic details... the map, the plan!

The scenario of terrorism in the country is too confusing to be understood, now. Like the last scenes of a Prem Chopra or Sean Connery movie, when everyone is fighting with everyone in a warehouse, and you really don't know what's going on. The government of this terror/horror-ridden country is still busy fancy dressing. Image the lady whose house is on fire, and she decides to wear a saari before jumping out of the window. Decorating chairs on the deck of the sinking Titanic! Well! That's how we are by default. We don't bother seeing things in improved light. We do not want to learn the easy way. Just when we are pinned to the wall, we strike back – correction: that’s when we think if we should strike back.