LAHORE: Popular singer Abrarul Haq launched his eighth album ‘Billo Returns Aithay Rakh’ after a gap of nine years. He has dedicated his album to Labourers of the country in connection with May 1.

The album was to be launched late night in Bahria Town near Eifel Tower. Abrar told The Nation that the album is totally made in Pakistan having 10 songs in it. It has been made keeping in mind popular trends among music lovers who want to listen to upbeat as well as music of different genres.

On a query about the timing of the launch of album Abrar said had had dedicated the album to labourers and common people of Pakistan who work hard to make both ends meet. “Through this album I want to put smile on the faces of people and to cheer them so they could have some good time listening to music taking time from hectic life schedules,” he said.

“The album also has songs on political awareness which shed light in an entertaining way on the political scenario of our country and through which young generation could build political vision about the issues and problems prevailing in their surroundings,” the pop star said.        

A much striking problem faced by the musicians for the past few years is the piracy issues. Abrar announced also that through launch of his album he would also start Anti-Piracy Movement to uplift the economic condition of artistes and musicians. “I want to revive the culture of CDs where people used to buy the singers’ CDs which made and generate enough profit for singers to carry on lifeblood.

“Even songs which are uploaded on Youtube have not returned ‘good profit’ but just ‘nominal. The unsung and untouched avenues of the music industry ought to reopen in order to revive the music industry.

“Music production has stopped for some years due to continuous piracy issues in the industry while I am confident my album will help in reviving the music production and music industry,” Abrar maintained.

The trend of producing music albums has died in recent years. Most of the artistes produce single songs but do not go for albums. “See if 10 singles tracks are produced in one year by 10 singers then in that case it did not help the music industry but only the singers. I produced an album after the gap of nine years so it could help in the revival of the culture of music industry,” Abrar said.

He started his journey in 1995 with the remarkable album which become popular right after the release “Billo De Ghar”, Abrar come up with “Majajani” in 1998.After that pop singer enthralled the audience with typical Punjabi Bhangra album in 1999 “Bay Ja Cycle Tay”, which went viral among youth and become one of the hit albums in the history of Pakistan.

He was of the that releasing his new album after nearly a gap of decade more specifically nine years much have changed in our music industry except to his loyal fans who remained liked his songs as forever.

After that, in 2002 Abrar come up with another hit album based on the Punjabi tracks which stirred controversy “Nach Punjaban” which later changed in to “Nach Majajan' because it hurts the sentiments of the some faction of society.

Summing up his music and life journey singer Abrar said he just wanted to thank Allah Almighty for being so generous all these years. “He has made my albums hit. I was able to make modern state of the art hospital for the poor, build 1300 houses for homeless people. I was made OIC Ambassador representing 57 Islamic countries. These I believe are all great achievements.