Islamabad - Islamabad police have arrested an artist who allegedly made phone calls to a dual nationality holder for extortion, local police said yesterday.

According to details, Saleem Khan son of Izzat Khan, resident of house number 251, street number 84, sector G11/3, Islamabad, who has dual nationality and is doing job as a lecturer in Australia and owns properties in sector G-11 and F-6 sectors of Islamabad, reported to the Ramana police on April 14, 2016 that he got extortion messages from an unknown number on April 11 and the sender demanded Rs 20 million from him. He said that in case non-compliance, the sender threatened to kill him. The police registered a case (FIR number 138) under section 386.

The task to trace the unknown extortionist was assigned to the SIU Islamabad which held the accused who was later identified as Faisal Nawaz alias Fasi son of Gharib Nawaz, resident of Kot Hathyal, Bhara Kahu who is a permanent resident of Sargodha.

The accused is stated to be an artist by profession and is also doing part time property dealing. The accused draws pencil sketches.

The interrogations revealed that the accused got the number of the victim and other details while visiting his house in F-6/1 being a property agent some 7 months ago.

During the interrogation, the accused Faisal Nawaz revealed that on April 11 around 2215 hours, riding a motorbike  - and wearing helmet, he snatched a mobile phone (IPhone 6) along with a SIM card from a Chinese national Wang Janyu (working as Legal head in Huawei Company office Pak Saudi Tower) who was standing in front of office building. He used the same SIM for extortion messages and calls to Saleem Khan on 12th April, 2016.