LAHORE - Balochistan clinched the 62nd National Men’s Cycling Championship 2016 title by earning 168 points on the concluding day here at the cycling velodrome on Friday.  Abdul Razzaq of Balochistan was declared national champion 2016 while M Noman of Punjab was named the fastest cyclist of the championship. Railways secured second spot with 167 points while Punjab earned third position with 102 points.  In team sprint event, Railways comprising Nawaz, Abu Bakar, Asher, finished first with 1m:16s:42p and 45 points while Balochistan, consisting of Nazar, Razzaq and Sharif, secured second with with 30 points and Sindh, including Jabar, Ghulam Mohiuddin, Kashif Habib, earned third spot with 18 points. In the elimination race, Abdul Razzaq of Balochistan claimed first position while M Noman  of Punjab was second and Haq Nawaz of Railways was third.