A poor IDP i driver from South Waziristan burnt his vehicle out of frustration, after receiving a challan from the traffic police. He claimed that he and his fellow IDP drivers earn a mere Rs 300 to Rs400 on a daily basis and the traffic police hand them tickets every day, seemingly with the intention of harassing them. It is impossible to pay traffic ‘fines’ of Rs 400 every day when these drivers barely earn that much. 

Since these men are classified as IDPs, there is a gray area as to who will help them seek justice and what kind of legal recourse, if any, IDPs can actually take. I request the authorities concerned — if any — to take action against the traffic police and do justice for the sake of protecting the livelihood of these qingqi drivers and their IDP families. 

RAZAULLAH,  Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, March 23.