LAHORE   - Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq has appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to investigate into the Panama leaks considering it a national duty so that the plundered public money could be recovered. 

He was addressing a press conference at Mansoora yesterday where he announced the 13 point ToR’s framed by the JI Central Shoora. Sirajul Haq said that only an autonomous and all powerful Commission headed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was acceptable to the nation. 

“The Commission must be announced immediately and it should begin work within a fortnight by asking from all those named in the Panama Leaks the sources of their earning. Investigation should begin with the Prime Minister and his family members and the judicial commission should confine its probe into the Panama leaks for the time being,” he demanded. 

The JI chief said that the ToRs sent to the Chief Justice by the Prime Minister would lead to nothing. The inquiry commission should look into the assets of these 200 persons and their sources of income, Haq suggested and added that it might also seek the assistance of the FBR and other institutions concerned. “It should ascertain if these people had fully paid taxes on their earnings and had not indulged in tax evasion.” 

The JI amir further recommended that the Commission should ascertain from the State Bank of Pakistan, Commercial banks, other financial institutions, foreign banks working in the country, Security exchange and other institutions whether money had been transferred from Pakistan in a lawful or unlawful manner and that the law of the land had not been violated in this regard. 

“All national investigating authorities would be answerable to the Commission and they would be bound to cooperate with the Commission and there won’t be any official pressure on these to the contrary. 

“The judicial Commission would have the authority to arrange general and forensic audit of all relevant documents by local as well as foreign experts,” he added. The commission would complete its inquiry within two months and find out those who had been guilty of unlawful earnings, minting money through corruption, transferring wealth abroad, and doing illegal business, tax concealment and tax evasion.  

The commission would have the authority to debar the guilty from holding any public office for life and confiscate their assets. 

The judicial commission would have powers to take action against those who tried to obstruct or influence the working of the judicial commission and also to remove them from their posts. The commission would have cooperation from the international institutions, the UNCACO, MLR and the Foreign Office, Siraj-ul Haq suggested while sharing the Terms of Reference for proposed inquiry commission. 

Earlier, the JI Shoora called upon the government to convene a national conference to formulate an effective policy for the liberation of Kashmir in consultation with the Kashmiri leadership. 

The Shoora welcomed the comprehensive resolution moved at the recent OIC summit meeting in Turkey and demanded of the OIC to dispatch at the earliest a Fact Finding mission to take notice of the human