BAHAWALNAGAR-During a protest held against alleged corruption in a school, its headmaster called the police saying that the school has been attacked by terrorists at Chak 112/M.

In the limits of Dahranwala police, parents of the students had gathered against the alleged corruption and ill-attitude of the school headmaster, and staged a protest demonstration.

He called the district police saying that some terrorists had entered the Government High School 112/M Chishtian. Arshad, one of the protesters, alleged that headmaster Ajmal Nisar Shahzad was involved in different types of corruption and filling his pockets by drawing school funds against bogus bills.

He further said that Shahzad had been black listed by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Bahawalpur. He added the headmaster could not attest the students’ admission forms. He demanded his immediate transfer from the school.

As the media tried to get the version of the headmaster, he got infuriated, and along with the teacher manhandled the mediaman. They also hurled abuses at the mediamen and put them under illegal confinement. They even snatched one of their cameras.

He made a call to district police that some terrorists (who were actually peaceful media-men) along with weapons have attacked the school. Meanwhile, the mediamen got them released after the intervention of some people. Heavy police contingent reached the school and he lodged complaint against protesters.

Later, the media-men also approached Dahranwala police station and lodged their complaints against head master and his other companions. Simmering over the situation, the media organisation strongly resented the manhandling of the media-men and fake charges against them. However, the police said that action would be taken after watching CCTV footages of the school.