Kasur-With the sharp rise in mercury, the Lesco has intensified electricity loadshedding, causing multiple problems for the masses.

The residents of different areas across the district complained about the worst unscheduled power loadshedding - eight hours in urban areas and 16 hours in rural areas. They expressed their astonishment about the sudden rise in loadshedding duration. They said that the fresh bout of outages, together with heat have crippled the routine life. “They are unable to run businesses in the absence of power,” the residents of different areas regretted. Criticising the government’s tall claims, they said that the rulers have been mocking mockery of the masses, on the one hand through hollow promises and on the other through worst loadshedding.

“The businesses have already slumped and now the power loadshedding has snatched the last loaf of bread from the small businessmen,” lamented different shopkeepers. They said that under severe heat, outages for long hours have become unbearable and causing multifarious problems. On the other hand, students are finding it hard to get prepared for their examinations due to worst outages. They said that they have to brave scorching heat while going to and coming from schools and colleges and worst power loadshedding in the classrooms and houses. The report of a survey pinpointed that in the prevailing scenario, small businesses and labourers are being affected the most. The residents of some areas claimed that they have to face power outages sometimes for two days at a stretch, causing severe water shortage. The public fears that the worst electricity loadshedding would add to unemployment and multiply sufferings of the masses, especially the poor. Nizampura UC chairman pointed out that it is a reality that the entire country is confronted with power shortage. “But the bitter part of this fact is apathy and inefficiency on the part of Lesco, which is adding to the miseries and sufferings of the public,” he added. He said that whenever an electricity transfer is breakdown, it takes the Lesco staff days to replace or repair it. “Actually the Lesco staffers don’t bother to serve the masses and mitigate their sufferings,” the UC chairman charged, adding that had the Lesco worked efficiently, problems confronted by the masses would have been minimised.

The public at large has demanded the government to rationalise the loadshedding duration and stake effective measures to mitigate public sufferings. They also threatened massive protest if the situation persists.