Islamabad - The Supreme Court setting aside a judgement of Lahore High Court yesterday acquitted a murder convict due to insufficient evidence.

Hearing the case, Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa remarked that courts are blamed for releasing the accused. He was heading a three-judge bench that heard the appeal against the Lahore High Court.

Justice Khosa said the people of whole locality know about some incident but no one comes forward and gives evidence. The police register the case and produce fake witnesses due to which, the accused are acquitted, he added.

The judge said those who criticise the courts that they release the criminals don’t know the facts that the insufficient evidence is produced before the court.

He said the courts have to perform function in accordance with law. The judge said according to the spirit of Islam, wrong evidence makes the whole case doubtful.

According to the prosecution Malik Majid Nazir, a resident of Faisalabad had killed Ansanul Haq over a clash about teasing of his female relatives in 2004.

Sikandar Hayat Mian Advocate representing the accused, contended that post-mortem was carried out after one day of registration of FIR. He said according to the police, his client had shot fire on the deceased who was standing in the balcony of his house. He argued the medical report said that Ahsan sustained two straight gun fires.

The Sessions Court Faisalabad had awarded death sentence to Majid Nazir. Upon his appeal, the Lahore had converted his death sentence into life imprisonment.

 He later challenged the high court judgment in the apex court, which had released him due to insufficient evidence.