While everyone these days (including think-tanks and intelligentsia) has been beating the drums about long term solutions to terrorism, little are they aware of the realities on the ground. The terrorist outfits are returning to the  conventional means of killing people through IEDs and other planted devices. One such example is the recent bomb blast in a government bus in Peshawar. Call it the frustration of a vanquished enemy or a renewed terror strategy it does require immediate solution.

Myself being a part of the police force, I am quite aware how miscreants and terrorists remain active during specific times of the night. I still remember my relative calling me around 2 AM in the morning and told me that he had seen an alleged terrorist carrying some explosives in a plastic bag. I immediately called up the local police station of that area but their response was none. Subsequently, a few days later, ANP leadership was targeted at the very spot, where that alleged terrorist was seen.

My point to narrate this unfortunate event is to emphasise the crucial role police patrolling can play, especially during night time. Thousands of our fellow police companions do not even hesitate to lay down their lives in the line of duty but stoppage in police patrolling is due to the fact that police officials in KPK are over burdened by incessant operational duties besides special duties from time to time. Police needs respite from stressful duties to enable them to give some time to themselves and their families. The number of duty shifts ought to be increased from two to either three or four: each shift covered by different police officers and officials. They should not perform more than 8 hours of duty in a 24 hours day. But this solution owes its success to augmenting police strength through calling them in from VVIP's security duty.

FAISAL REHMAN,Peshawar, March 25.