The United States fired 59 Tomahawk missiles at Syrian airfield on 6 April, 2017 reacting to chemical air attacks on innocent lives by Bashar Al Asad. To hit innocent people with chemical weapons is undoubtedly a heinous crime but I could not help appreciating the compassionate America whose sensitivity makes her feel worried about the helpless, poor people of the world.

America is a torch-bearer of peace and prosperity in the world. Overflowing with a wish for peace America may introduce death to hundreds of thousands humans living across the planet. Actually passion counts much and it is never a problem for an impassioned America to prosper the world. The only thing she has to do is to harass brains thus destroy the world. It was the very passion that forced America to invade Iraq only that she had a suspicion that Iraq does have atomic and chemical weapons of mass destruction which anytime may go off n blast the world whereas people know where lie the ammunition damps waiting for the customers and reaching the required places.

First the innocent America had only a suspicion about Iraq weapons but after 9/11 she got assured that the world Trade Centre was attacked by Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussain the then president of Iraq falls in deep, internal relations with Al Qaeda so co-ordination between the two cannot be ignored. The more Al Qaeda is not only a terrorist organization it also does have atomic and chemical engineers who make lethal weapons and hide these weapons in lands sometimes known and most of the times not known to America and which she has to trace at any cost. But the fact remains that these weapons may erase the world from the world map.

That is why America as a responsible state of the world loves to see things in this particular context and is determined to make this world a home of peace even at the expense of millions of human lives. To sympathise with humans is an inborn chacteristic of America which history itself is an eye witness to and tells that America always yearned for peace and for this sake she dropped atom bombs on two Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki and killed 2,26000 people. It goes back to 6 n 9 Aug 1945 that is almost 72 years ago and now is 2017 a more civilized and modern age. America’s defence mechanism took her in Vietnam in 60’s and what was the result is another issue.

In Oct, 2001 America landed in Afghanistan exhibiting military power of highest order to search a single man named Osama bin Laden. At last America gained success by nabbing and killing Osama bin Laden at a home in Abbottabad on May 2, 2011 and the success came after numberless casualties and massive destruction there for a period of nine years.

America’s strategy is strictly based upon the proverb’ Slow and steady wins the race. Above all America never likes to chase a criminal unless the criminal’s hide - out is America’s own choice. Otherwise Osama Bin Laden was very much there in Afghanistan for years together flanked by mighty air and land forces of America.

It seems America suffers from both Myopia and Hyperopia that is why a prudent she spins minds and world together and gets strands to weave silk, cotton cloth she is to advantage now and in years far far away yet.

If in 1945 America kills 2,26000 people in an offshore land only to avoid any further devastation how can she bear Bashar Al Asad using chemical weapons against his own people on his own soil and pushes 72 people in valley of death. America president Donald Trump is stirred by the tragic event and cries out “nobody has a right to kill God’s most beautiful creature called babies and beautiful babies happened to meet death in chemical attacks by Syrian president Bashar Al Asad.

Babies are always beautiful, handsome because they are innocent and innocence is a beauty in total. I think in 1945 the killed 2,26000 were either adults or old ones. But it is not possible because human beings survive by their offsprings and babies are a continuity to this survival. One thing is possible that the babies America kills are not beautiful but ugly. Before and during American invasion of Iraq people of Iraq faced economic sanctions and resultantly beautiful Iraq babies either fell ill or died for want of food and medicine. They say it is not the place that is beautiful rather we living around make it beautiful. Simultaneously we can’t harvest virtue from where vice was sown. So Japan, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran Lybia and lands yet to be surfaced did breed, are breeding and may breed ugliness something highly unbearable for a sensitive, soft - hearted America. America follows the golden phrase ‘Nip the evil in the bud’.

America sweeps earth of beauty and then the neat and clean soil provides America with an opportunity to seek treasures buried in Earth’s womb and she gains the treasures like liquid gold, metals, brains and what not. As America is beautiful so she is the most rightful state to extract treasures from earth. No ugly man has right to exploit or feast on boons Allah Almighty bestows we humans.

Major Jameel Al Sale an opposition commander in Syria appreciates and favours American airstrikes in Syria. Alas! We Muslims forgot teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and divided into groups and could not see that “United we stand, Divided we fall. A fallen we are being destroyed by brains bent upon causing us massive destruction.

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