Amongst other things there is this celebration of sorts on having caught the ’main accused’ in Mashal’s murder, Imran. The police are proud of themselves, and, in a way, they should be. But, the media seems to be having a fit. As if, Imran solves the pieces of the puzzle and ties the sad saga of Mashal in a neat knot. But, it doesn’t. For, Imran, if anything, is a mere symptom of the problem. He shot Mashal but he did not alone kill him. Everyone beating Mashal that day and then mistreating his body were equal killers. In a way, those who found the ‘strength’ to throw mud pots at his lifeless head could be guiltier of the sadistic event than someone who shot him. Or, then again, each is equally guilty.

A few weeks ago, I opinioned that the problem was with the societal ideology. Those who died and those who commit such murders are results of what has now been established as the norm of our society. It is because of this that when PTI officially clarifies its position on the Blasphemy Law on Twitter, no one bats an eyelid. Ofcourse, they too propagate murder, but, as would similar agents insist, they believe in the more institutional form of murder: the capital punishment.

People will argue that PTI and alike do so out of the pressure to cater to their vote bank. Which, in simpler words means that this is exactly what the society expects from them. However, this falls short of truly justifying their stance. Afterall, the opinion makers are indeed in the position to form a counternarrative and domesticate it so that it contextualizes within the society. That was exactly what Haji Mumtaz Ali from India did when he asked people to return the dowry they got to end the terrible practice in the society. Till last month 900 families within and around Jharkhand have returned the dowry they got to the girl’s families even after several years after marriage. This is the norm there now. The counter did eventually did start to make societal sense. Too bad Pakistani opinion makers don’t take their responsibility seriously.

Talking about responsibility, Imran Khan needs to be taught a lesson or two. What convinced him to utter the bizarre claim of 10 billion rupees is anyone’s guess. If this claim has even an iota of truth in it, he should have only claimed as so after warning his mutual friend. This way, he could have had avoided the embarrassment of trying to save his corrupt friend. Yes indeed. Back when we were children we were told by our parents to become friends with good people. You are judge by your company, the elders would say. The fact that both Imran and the Sharif’s hang out with the same crowd reveals a lot. A man who has no principles and has the audacity to suggest bribery, does indeed taint the record of the people he hangs out with. Also, given Imran Khan’s insistence on his principles, it is a shame to see him protect a corrupt friend. But, then again, as was with the aforementioned tweet, Imran Khan too will only play the game with the rules set already. He will hangout and protect the same corrupt people that stop our country from evolving into a sensible community. He will integrate elitist cadre into his Party for Justice only to disappoint those who looked up to him. He will include people like Mustafa Khar in his party and then go to rural Sindh and sing mantras against feudalism. In that and every sense of the word, Imran Khan is a true disappointment when it comes to reforming the society. He is, as is everyone.

A quick comment on the captured Taliban spokesman. Thank God for the civil society for bullying PEMRA into doing its duties. Strange how our country saints our greatest devils. Only because he contributed to the narrative that we have neighbours who want to harm us. The man who proudly owned numerous murders and issued death threats is seen now on TV, reasonably happy and fresh. Yet again, strange how we treat our devils. On the same note, given his recent reiteration of the shots fired on Malala, it is high time the bigots in our society who drown themselves in conspiracy theories and have loudly called her shooting a ‘drama’ need to finally come forward and apologies to the pride of our nation. Once they-we-start admitting the wrongs and find courage to pursue a counter narrative to our societal woes, only then can we hope to find any good within our society.