In the beginning, there was a time when people used simple button mobiles only for the purpose of simply making and hearing calls. People were less aware of the technology and therefore, they were least interested in keeping expensive mobiles. Computers and laptops could be seen with few people whose job was particularly related to IT or social networking. But then time changed and Android mobiles were introduced. Every one, old or small alike, wanted to hold this new technology in his hand. Man was amazed to see the whole world of Internet in this small gadget.  

He got an access to connect to every corner of the world by simply connecting Wife on his mobile. Messaging, capturing pictures on camera, connecting Bluetooth and WIFI and downloading different social applications made the life easier and comfortable. This gadget also came with another astonishing element i.e. earphones. Every one of us prays for getting best quality earphones while buying new Android phone. This is perhaps we have got so addicted to the use of earphones in our daily life that we cannot imagine buying any phone without this tiny thing. Every person on the street can be seen wearing earphones whether he is jogging, riding or is sitting in his office or university. This has led to hear loss in people especially in teens. This is because of listening to music on high volumes and for longer duration while wearing earphones. It is estimated that by 2050, about 900 million people will suffer hear loss which is indeed a greater ratio and most of the affected will include people of age ranging from 12 to 35. Therefore, earphones should be used for limited span of time especially when needed. 


Karachi, March 31.