When lawyers of repute succeed in seeking repetitive adjournments in hearing on technicalities to an extent of delaying due process of law to almost ten years as is being done in case of JJVL (Jamshoro Joint Venture Ltd) in Lahore High Court than it reflects poorly on both the attorney and judiciary. After all there is moral obligation to uphold professional ethics which every lawyer is under oath when seeking registration to practice in SC or High Court.

Innocent law abiding citizens of this country die waiting for justice to be done, because powerful land or drug mafia and LPG Dons of this country can hire best of lawyers with their black money to represent them, with sole objective to delay due process and deny justice.

Pakistan is on verge of bankruptcy yet powerful robber barons manage to evade paying taxes and fines for irregularities that they have committed with help of branded lawyers. Thousands of beneficiaries of CDA general balloting of plots in E-12/4 advertised in 1989 and given letters of allotment in 1990 have died waiting, whilst few who have survived are waiting hopefully for Divine intervention in form of Suo Motto by Chief Justice of Pakistan.

These irregularities seem to have become an accepted practice in Islamic Republic where even DHA Islamabad sought applications from general public in 2008 for plots in DHA Valley, but even after passage of ten years thousands still wait to get land for which they have paid. It is this nexus between few paid public office holders and corrupt mafia with numerous prominent lawyers on their payroll, that Justice is being denied to thousands in this country and billions due in taxes to national exchequer is on hold.


Sukkur, April 1.