Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) show of power can be rightly called its grand start to the election campaigning for the upcoming general elections. PTI like all other political parties is hungry to gain power. Lahore rally will prove decisive in determining the future of PTI. To mould public opinion in its favour, PTI has chosen Lahore. A smart and well thought out move by the leadership of the party – considering the last major rally in the city put it on the political map as a major player. Punjab, if won, guarantees any political party to form its government in the centre. If the rally is analysed regarding participants of the rally, then it was an impressive show. However, if the content of the speeches made is taken into consideration, PTI failed to convince that it has a better agenda to win the upcoming elections.

Moreover, if the campaign and the messages that PTI’s leadership gave last night are compared with party’s previous campaign of 2013 elections, the party has not offered anything new. The same old rhetoric and political points were repeated to a large extent. The speeches that PTI’s leadership made can be anything but a powerful party manifesto that can convince people to vote for PTI in the 2018 elections.

Though Imran Khan called the Lahore rally of utmost significance for he was to reveal his ten-points agenda, it was not short of the usual sensationalism that surrounds the political environment before his speeches. Even Imran failed to offer anything new in his much-awaited speech. He repeated the same points of manifesto that were part of PTI’s campaign in 2013 elections. The only new point included was reforming the agriculture sector of the country.

PTI’s leadership fails to recognise the fact that PML-N is powerful in Punjab. If PTI is serious to make government in the centre this time, it needs to focus on Sindh as well. Arif Alvi has already lamented in his speech last night about PTI’s lack of interest in Sindh. The lack of interest that PTI shows in smaller provinces will seriously undermine the party’s overall performance in the upcoming elections. This upcoming election is probably a golden and last opportunity for PTI to come to power. But this wish can be only fulfilled if Imran and his party work hard enough to fill out the vacuum that is there in Sindh and Balochistan as well.