More than any other political party in Pakistan, MQM Pakistan is disintegrated at the time when general elections are around the corners. Recently, it was reported that factions of MQM-P have started dialogue to iron out differences but the outcome is yet to be seen. Prominent rift in MQM is between MQM-P PIB and MQM-P Bahadurabad which emerged over distribution of party tickets to candidates for the senate elections. This rift has only benefited rival parties like PSP, PTI and PPP who are trying their level best to gain control of the metropolitan city that is otherwise under the stronghold of MQM-P. 

From the prevailing circumstances, it is apparent that MQM-P will dismantled sooner rather than later owing to the burgeoning number of defections. The theory of evolutionist, Charles Darwin, ‘survival of the fittest’ is aptly applied in the case of MQM-P which deserved to be knocked out. The reason is that political turmoil and intense rivalry has not benefitted Karachi which is simmering from power cuts, waste mismanagement, pollution and administrative fiasco. In these circumstances, it is hoped that whatever party replaces the MQM-P will work in the best interests of people of Karachi instead of engaging in mere lip service that has been observed since independence. 


Islamabad, March 31.