Is PTI suitable for running Pakistan? It has been 8 months of PTI’s government and all of its term up until now is full of dilemmas. However, the problem right now: an unceasing enfeebled economy with no improvement in sight.

Maladministration and incompetence of the government have led to rising inflation, rising fiscal deficit and slow down of GDP growth, leading to the public losing its patience and losing the support of government’s most ardent supporters.

With each passing day, the pressure is building the economy is on the path of stagflation accompanied by a huge price hike in the last 8 months. Petrol: Rs 65 to Rs 99 flour :Rs 600 to Rs 1450 per 20 kg, dollar Rs 100 to Rs 143 and gold Rs 45000 to 72000 per tola. Despite all this, there is no evidence that the worst is over. Inflation will rise further and we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I urge Prime-minister Imran Khan to pay full attention to the economy of Pakistan and not to continuously attack the opposition because political instability generates economic instability, he, rather, should remove political uncertainty and seek the cooperation of opposition parties so that the river of milk and honey, which PTI government promised, can flow.


Sargodha, April 16.